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Hero dog Dayko, dies of exhaustion after rescuing 7 from earthquake in Ecuador

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016


The news quickly went viral after the fire department for the northern city of Ibarra announced the death of 4-year-old Labrador retriever Dayko, who had been with its K-9 unit for three and a half years.

“The Fire Department of Ibarra would like to express brotherly thanks to all the people who gave us their support, and not only in regards to the death of our beloved canine Dayko,” the department said in a Facebook post.

According to Spanish-language news, such as ABC, Dayko suffered from heat stroke and injuries while braving the flames to find more victims, ultimately succumbing to a heart attack — despite resuscitation attempts by veterinarians and firefighters.

The fire department posted a series of pictures in honor of Dayko that show him searching through the rubble left behind by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 16.

Some lambasted the fire department for working the Labrador to the point of exhaustion. In a subsequent Facebook post, the department defended the handling of its canines.

The earthquake, which has been called the worst in the country’s history, has left more than 600 dead and over 12,000 injured. The United Nations announced Monday that itsWorld Food Programme will distribute food to 260,000 people who are hungry after surviving the chaos.

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Talented ‘Ronaldog’

Posted by on Apr 16, 2016

The adorable puppy could rival the likes of Ronaldo and Messi with his unbelievable dribbling talent


A seriously skillful pup, nicknamed ‘Ronaldog‘, could rival the world’s top footballers with his incredible ball skills.

The two-year-old crossbreed – real name Alfie – demonstrates ball skills the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, and even Messi would be proud of in this incredible video.

He can dribble at speed, balance a full-size football on his head while sprinting, bounce the ball off his body onto his head and even “side step” a ball to confuse his opponent.

Alfie arrived at Dogs Trust as a young puppy with his mother and the rest of his litter.

He was swept off his paws and rehomed at 10 weeks old to the Cheltenham-based Simpkins family, who quickly noticed that they’d adopted no ordinary dog.

Peter Simpkins explains: “Alfie truly is our wonder dog. Not only is he a fantastic family pet, he has football skills I rarely see humans possess, never mind a dog.

“We first noticed his one-of-a-kind talent when he took a shine to my daughter’s footballs in the garden, which at the time were the same size as him.


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Cloud seeding practice returns to Los Angeles, California.

Posted by on Apr 10, 2016

Cloud seeding practice returns to Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works said they seeded clouds over the county with silver iodide to increase the amount of rainfall during storms that battered California this week. DPW says this is their first cloud seeding since 2002.

LA County has used cloud seeding to boost water supplies since the 1950s, but the practice was stopped in 2002 after forest fires destabilized some area hillsides and officials feared too much rain could cause mudslides.

However, due to ongoing historic drought, the contract with Utah-based North American Weather Consultants was renewed in October 2015 and the practice is now back. LA officials hope to continue operations past the end of the storm season in April.

“The company has set up land-based generators in 10 locations between Sylmar and Pacoima,” DPW said. However, because weather conditions were not ideal in all places only some of the generators were used.

“Cloud seeding enables us on an average to pull 10 to 15 percent more moisture out of the clouds, which is obviously very important to us right now. Every drop of rain we can get is important,” DPW spokesman told KPCC.

With rain totals reaching 254 mm (10 inches) or more in some mountain areas, 46 of the largest reservoirs in California, closely tracked by the state Department of Water Resources, collectively added 391 billion gallons of water between March 4 and 7, according to ContraCostaTimes.

“The reservoir list, which includes such massive lakes as Shasta, Oroville, Folsom, San Luis and New Melones, jumped in storage by 10 percent, ” CCT said.

However, even with that increase, the 46 reservoirs bumped up from 66 percent of their historic average on March 4 to just 72 percent by March 8.

“The weekend rains really pushed them up a great deal,” Doug Carlson, a spokesman for the state Department of Water Resources, said. “But we have been in a very deep hole. We need a lot more rain to fill these reservoirs.”

Video courtesy CBSL

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